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The cost of treatment at Poradnia depends on several factors: personal situation of the client, insurance policy coverage, psychological diagnosis, and severity of the problem in question. Below is a list of common scenarios for funding therapy at Poradnia:

For therapy reimbursed within Dutch healthcare system, there are four treatment packages (trajectories) available at Poradnia:

  • Short: max. 300 minutes (3 to 5 sessions*)
  • Medium: max. 500 minutes (6 to 8 sessions)
  • Intensive: max. 750 minutes (9 to 12 sessions)
  • OOM Student Insurance:
    up to € 1.400 (~800 minutes or ~12 sessions)
  • Chronic: max. 750 minutes (max. 12 sessions)
  • Incomplete**: max. 120 minutes (1 to 2 sessions)
For detailed costs, see “Tariffs” tab on the left.
* One session consists of 50 minutes of direct therapeutic contact + 10 minutes of indirect time (administration, care coordination).
** Incomplete trajectory happens when after the intake session the treatment is deemed unnecessary (e.g. if no psychological disorder is diagnosed) or inappropriate (e.g. if Basis GGZ treatment is insufficient to treat patient’s problems). 

Dutch health insurance (OHRA, CZ, Achmea, PNO, etc.)

Clients who wish to be reimbursed for their treatment need the referral letter from their General Practitioner, with the information provided in this referral form (mandatory information is marked with asterisk*). It is responsibility of a client to check the extent of his/her insurance policy with their insurer. For information purposes, you can download this useful document, showing rates of reimbursement of most Dutch health insurance companies. 

Poradnia has NOT entered contracts with Dutch health insurers, due to inflated administration burden imposed by insurance companies, and privacy concerns related to it.  

International insurance (Cigna, Bupa, Allianz, etc.)

Treatments provided by Poradnia are usually accepted by most other international insurers, however it is important to check the coverage of the policy first.

Dutch foreign student insurance (OOM,  Aon, Sucsez)

OOM Studying in the Netherlands insurance holders are reimbursed mostly up to €1.400. For more information, contact your insurer directly.

Aon Student Insurance holders are reimbursed up to 9 therapeutic sessions, which correspond with Medium package offered by Poradnia. For more information, check the conditions your insurance policy or contact Aon directly.

German krankenkassen 

Reimbursement offered by krankenkassen depends on individual insurance policy, and usually covers psychological treatment outside of Germany. Clients receive the bill directly at the end of the treatment and declare it with their insurance provider.

It is possible to arrange private consultations, either on one-off basis,  or as an extension of ongoing therapy, if the number of insurance-covered sessions is not sufficient. 

Tariffs for insured care

The practice charges 100% of the maximum costs of psychological treatment as laid out by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) for Basic Mental Healthcare (Basis GGZ). Below are therapeutic packages reimbursed by insurance and their corresponding costs in 2020:

  • Short: € 503,47
  • Medium: € 853,38
  • Intensive: € 1.383,65
  • OOM student insurance: up to € 1.400,00
  • Chronic: € 1.330,98
  • Incomplete: € 219,78

Poradnia does not issue monthly or per-session bills for treatment covered by Dutch insurance schemes.

An invoice for the entire treatment is issued at the end of the therapy, and it must be paid for within 14 days.

The client then submits the invoice to insurance company for reimbursement. Responsibility for payment and obtaining reimbursement lies solely with the client.

Tariffs for uninsured care (OZP)
In the Dutch mental healthcare system, the insurance reimburses the treatment of only certain psychological disorders and for set amount of time (see section above). Sessions exceeding the insurance package fall into so-called “overig zorgproduct” (OZP) category. If such consultations take place (upon previously agreed arrangement), they will still be payable by the client. The practice charges € 100,00 per session for OZP consultations.

Own contribution (eigen risico)

As per most specialised medical care in the Netherlands, the cost of psychological treatment excludes so-called eigen risico (own contribution), which in 2020 is minimum € 385.

Private consultations

The cost of individual private consultations (not reimbursed by health insurance) is € 100,00 per 50 min. session.

Issuing statements
The cost of issuing statement about the patient’s mental health (e.g. “for whom it may concern”, for UWV or for legal purposes) is € 50,00.

Standard fee for missed appointment is € 70,00.
The appointment is considered non attended if cancellation takes place less than 24 hours before previously agreed scheduled session. 

General Payment Conditions

 Poradnia does not issue monthly or per-session bills for treatment covered by Dutch insurance schemes. An invoice for the entire treatment is issued at the end of the therapy. The client then submits the invoice to insurance company for reimbursement (here is the list of reimbursement rates of most insurance companies).

ATTENTION: Responsibility for timely payment and obtaining reimbursement lies solely with the client.

Payment conditions for services provided by Poradnia are in line with the standard payment conditions as laid out by the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists. These are as follows:

These general terms and conditions are applicable to all consulting, assessment and treatment agreements, agreed upon orally and/or in writing between the psychologist and the client.

All fees, costs and other remuneration of the services provided by Poradnia, and agreed orally and/or in writing between the psychologist and the client must be paid either by card or in cash after each session, or – in case of payment after completing entire treatment – within the time indicated on the final invoice.

If the customer has not paid the amount due within the period indicated in point 2., or if the payment has not been received within ten days after the indicated payment period, the client is considered in arrears without any further written or oral notice. The client is then due on the outstanding amount to the psychologist + statutory interests.

In the case described in point 3., the psychologist is immediately entitled to collect the claim or to nominate third parties (e.g. bailiff) to collect the amount due. All judicial and extra-judicial costs associated with the collection of fees due shall be borne by the client.

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